Worldwide Shipping


1. Total minimum order will be 3pcs (bags), 10pcs per size (clothing), and 5pcs per size (footwear).
2. Upon receives of deposit into our nominated account, production will begin.
Please ensure you calculate your delivery times around this date of deposit receives. Not order placement date.
3. The customer is obliged to give all the personal details necessary to finalize the order.
4. Shipping charges for returned order by the carrier due to customer error - COD not ready, incorrect address, refusal, etc. are the responsibility
of the customer.

1. Despite careful procedures and attention to detail, as with all services within the items care industry, there is always a slight possibility
that items may be damaged or lost or that a repair will not turn out as expected. When a customer alerts us that there has been a mistake
or damage, we promptly investigate the matter, attempt to determine where things went wrong and correct the problem.
Sometimes, if a problem occurs despite strictly adhering to caring for items according to items care labels, it is the manufacture
that is responsible. However, we feel that, whatever goes wrong while we have your items in our possession, you should be entitled to our
help in resolving difficulties and receiving appropriate compensation.
Often times problems occur while items are in customer's possesion due to storage and maintenance failure and manufacture respectfully refuses to
take the full responsibility. However manufacture is obliged to help when it is needed with the services and other expenditures cost
being customer's full responsibility.
2. We provide full and complete materials such as ; leathers, lining, and accecories hardware. Suggestions of other third parties are welcome to
forefront customers comfort.
3. We strictly use copyright policy. We are determined to keep the customer's designs confidential.
4. Due to the specificity and sensitivity of the leather, it is very important that customers know the basic conditions of the leather
prior to business deal is made.

While our customers are varied and spreaded around the world, we are unable to continuously aware of the regulations that run in each country.
Therefore, we respectfully request the customers awareness upon export/import regulation in the country to prevent unwanted adversities from
happening during the business process. We are expoter & manufacturer based in Bali Indonesia and so we are mainly cautious upon updated
regulation in Indonesia. The current Indonesia system of exporting leather products requires permits namely
CITES (exotic leather in some countries) and IJEPA (leather & exotic leather in japan area only).
Based on Indonesia regulation, the cost of the permit is taken the responsibilty by the importer (the customer). We prefer to have the customer
to be fully enlightened of the actual cost separately rather than to insert the permit cost in the order value which will fail
the price demand and expectation.
The cost of the permit is changing or varying at regular intervals.
The current price of the permit is = …...............
Procedure :
1. We prepare the permit upon receiving the agreed PO and deposit.
2. We submit the permit documents to the authorities and will usually take 1-2 weeks processing time.
3. Upon receiving the legal and authorized documents, we will send the copy of the documents to the customer.
4.Please use the copy of the documents to process the IMPORT PERMIT. Please look up to the local regulation for the procedure.
The use of import permit may be different in every country.
5. We send the original copy of the export permit together with the goods.

We receive payment in CASH or BANK TRANSFER only.

Our order lead times are given as an approximate duration to be expected when you order your items, every effort will be taken to fulfill within
that time. We will not sacrifice the quality for time in manufacturing your items. The customers understand that the date of delivery depends
on a number of factors such as availability of materials at our suppliers as well or potential skin making delays caused by weather.
Such delays do not give the right to cancel, and we are not able to refund once an order has been added to our production line.
We will keep you up dated frequently as to the status of your order.

Custom made items are nonrefundable as they have been made to your specification and we have no way of offering them to another customer.
Custom or made to order pieces cannot be cancelled without forfeiture of all payments made. We reserve the right to cancel, suspend or
delay delivery of an order without being liable for any loss or damage if the supply of the goods is prevented or delayed for circumstances
beyond our control. Unsatisfying goods with any error or damages will not be taken unless we agree to do so. There is no compensation for any
damages of the unsatisfying goods. Any complaining and returns would be received within maximum 2 weeks from the date of the items received
by the customer.

1. The final prototype items selected and confirmed by customer will be charged 50% higher than the production items prices.
2. We require of 50 % Non-refundable deposit on placement of order. The deposit guarantees and secures the production of your items.
3. The remaining balance (50 %) is due by the customer before taking the goods.
4. We reserve the right to correct prices or calculation errors
5. Prices are subject to change upon written or verbal notice. Cancelation will be permitted if a change is made.
6. Changes to prices may occur when repeat orders are placed at various dates

1. We use DHL as our regular shipping courier. We suggest customers to have their own DHL account.
2. We accept suggestion on using other couriers.
3. The delivery cost will be charged separately from the items order.