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Bags are the most popular fashion item after clothing and footwear. Bags are the main accessory because their function is to carry important items within, so we want to ensure that the quality of these bags is not arbitrary.

Strong + Trendy + Durable = Leather material with high end quality.

The leather bags we make are handmade. It is very important to prioritize details because that is part of the ethics of working with leather-based products. We carefully select the craftsmen and tailors we recruit and ensure that they can provide the proper quality of products.

Many of the brand owners prioritize comfort as the first pillar for selling sandals or shoes after its other value of looking trendy and up to date. We as manufacturer want to ensure the satisfaction and comfort of consumers by offering the best quality in order to maintain the good name of our client's brand.
As we described above, leather material is very durable and it ages well. In the context of footwear such as shoes and sandals, the quality of leather can be felt from its character which is able to adapt to the shape of the consumer's feet. With time, the skin becomes soft and deformed making it very comfortable to wear for hours on end. So from the point of view of brand owners who uphold Quality over Quantity, leather is still the best choice of material.

It is important for us as manufacturers to respect and value preferences. That's why we also provide synthetic leather material (Synthetic leather, PU leather, or Faux Leather) as an alternative to genuine leather material. The advantage lies in the lower price compared to genuine leather. Synthetic leather is the right choice of material for brand owners and consumers who want fashion products that look like leather and are budget friendly.
We provide production of synthetic leather bags, synthetic leather wallets, synthetic leather sandals, synthetic leather belts.