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Our main dedication as manufacturer is to be able to actualize ideas and visions of brand owners out there with their diverse characters and demands without any exceptions. We provide services in a professional manner without binding clients with intimidating order requirements. Intimidating? Here we explain below,
Many business people after hearing the word "manufacturer" think that starting a business with it must at least have a large capital because of the MOQ and prices that are already standardized. Due to their limited capital, they decide to use freelance tailors. Instead of saving capital, they end up paying twice as much because of revisions and QC, which two things that are not mandatory service packages for freelance tailors. The difference in standards for freelance tailors makes many brand owners feel even more overwhelmed because they have to carry out all the processes independently. It's hard to imagine having to do all the processes from the zero raw material phase to the marketing phase, which we all know marketing is not a simple thing to do.
BRBali is a startup-brands friendly manufacturer. We combine our experienced professional services in guiding clients' business processes to completion with competitive product prices equivalent to freelance tailor prices and of course with our guaranteed quality. The grades of materials that we provide are very vast in terms of the quality and price so that we can be flexible with the client's finished products price demands. We also give clients wide space to be able to explore more with product designs, patterns and colours because of our small MOQ. The more varied the designs and colours that are created, the more fun and attractive the brand image is.

One of the qualities that we are proud of as a manufacturer is our YOUTH SPIRIT. We try to stay relevant with world fashion trends that change frequently and quickly. We don't want to be left behind as a fashion product manufacturer because staying relevant is very important.
Not only do we accept orders from designs made by our clients, we also create our own designs where our clients can use these designs to add to and expand their collections.